It’s time to suspend Sergio Garcia

Enough is enough.

It wasn’t very long ago that I was writing about Sergio Garcia angrily throwing his club at his caddie at The Open. As a matter of fact, that post was published just five days ago. FIVE DAYS!

Now, five days later, we have a new video of Sergio at the WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational angrily taking a chunk out of a tee box with his driver.

I don’t know what is going on in Sergio’s head, but so far this year we’ve seen the guy destroying multiple greens, throwing a tantrum in a bunker, throw his club at his caddie, and now this.

When you claim to be a “professional,” you should act like one.

As a golfer, I understand how frustrating the game can be and I am not playing for millions, but I also know that if this is how every golfer acted that courses around the world would be destroyed and unplayable.

For Garcia, a Masters champion, to act like this in front of fans is just down right disrespectful to those fans, his peers, and the grounds crew who put in time and effort to make sure that he has the opportunity to hit from a perfect or near-perfect lie.

Garcia’s temper has become an issue and because he doesn’t appear to be able to handle it. It’s time for the PGA Tour to step up and suspend him. It’s time for this man to be forced to take a break from the game that’s made him a millionaire so that he can gain some perspective.

The actions above aren’t those of a professional, they are the actions of a child who clearly doesn’t know how to maintain his composure. If this is how a major champion is going to act on the course, then that major champion needs to be treated with just as little respect as he is showing to those around him.

It’s time to suspend Sergio and send him on a nice vacation away from the game of golf.

Author: Michael Shamburger

Michael is the founder and Editor in Chief of The Stiff Shaft. He spent 15 years covering golf for TheBigLead, Golfweek, and Golf Channel. Don't base your opinion on those of others. Do your research and form your own opinions.

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