VIDEO: Sergio Garcia acting like a child at The Open, threw his club at his caddie

Noted tantrum thrower and water-ball hitter, Sergio Garcia, had a melt-down at The Open.

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After hitting a tee shot, the Spaniard was apparently not thrilled with himself and while walking off the tee box towards his ball threw his club at his unsuspecting caddie.

I understand frustration on the golf course. If you’ve ever played golf you can also understand how easy it is to lose your cool, however, this is uncalled for. Garcia’s caddie does not deserve this type of treatment. Ultimately, whether it was the caddie’s suggestion to hit the club or not, Garcia has the final say and he is the one who has to execute the shot.

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There is no reason why a caddie should ever have a club thrown at them, especially in this type of manner where he isn’t even expecting it to be angrily flung in his direction.

As I once wrote, it’s time for Garcia to take a break from the sport and step back for some time to gain perspective on what he’s achieved in his lengthy career. Of course, neither the R&A, USGA, nor the PGA Tour will do anything about his actions, but they should.

The governing bodies need to step up and be just that, governing bodies. They need to bring the hammer down on this type of behavior as well as the slow play epidemic.

Garcia is just one of a few who act like this repeatedly on the course. He’s a baby and he needs to be treated as such by those that run the sport and those that watch the sport.

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Author: Michael Shamburger

Michael is the founder and Editor in Chief of The Stiff Shaft. He spent 15 years covering golf for TheBigLead, Golfweek, and Golf Channel. Don't base your opinion on those of others. Do your research and form your own opinions.

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