Here’s video of Sergio Garcia throwing a fit at the Saudi International

Sergio Garcia was disqualified from the Saudi International after a “serious misconduct” breach. He apparently damaged several greens, and while the European Tour has buried that video deep in their archives, we do have video of the Spaniard throwing a fit in a bunker and it is pretty bad.

My God man, get a hold of yourself. You’re acting like a 4-year-old child who was just told they have to eat their veggies for dinner.

Garcia apparently won’t be penalized beyond his DQ while Haotong Li lost out on $100,000 because of a ridiculous rules infraction that shouldn’t have been deemed a rules infraction in the first place.

I, for the life of me, can’t believe that Garcia isn’t going to be fined. If his actions on the greens are anything like his actions in the bunker in the video above, he should be paying some $$$!

For the European Tour to proclaim itself as the forward thinking Tour, this is pretty embarrassing.

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