Sergio Garcia and Matt Kuchar explain, “We’re all good” after WGC-Match Play incident

Sergio Garcia and Matt Kuchar got into a little bit of a disagreement during the WGC-Dell Match Play last weekend.

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However, all appears to be just fine between the two who took to Instagram to further explain the situation and that there is no bad blood between them.

Here’s the full transcript via

KUCHAR: “Hey everybody, Sergio Garcia, Matt Kuchar. We’re day after, Monday after the World Golf Championship-Match Play,”

GARCIA: “Beautiful day.”

KUCHAR: “We have just been going over what’s gone on between our match and the aftermath and what’s gone on in the aftermath is just incorrect, wrong, shouldn’t happen. I wanted to tell you that Sergio handled the thing extremely well. When he missed the putt, we came off 7 and he said I know it, I missed it, it’s your hole. I told him how bad I felt, didn’t feel right at all, never wanna win on a technicality. Tee off 8, I said, ‘Man, I really don’t like how this has played out.’ Sergio offered a suggestion but never said to give me a hole, he gave me an option or two of how to play it out…but I wanted everybody to know Sergio handled it, understood it was a loss of hole and said ‘I get it,’ and handled it extremely well.”

GARCIA: “Obviously I know I made a mistake on 7 and, y’know, didn’t give him time to say that’s good, even though obviously we all in our minds thought it was good because it was a short putt. But at the end of the day, I think that I made a mistake, he unfortunately didn’t know how to make up for what happened, but it’s all good, we’re all good, and…

KUCHAR: “No shade needs to be thrown in that direction at all. He came up straightaway, said ‘I know I messed that one up,’ and we continued our battle from there.”

GARCIA: “It was a great match after all, he played better than me and beat me, and it’s as simple as that.”

That’s too bad. I was hoping that these two would just embrace their new roles as golf’s villains with all that Sergio destroying greens and bunker tantrum stuff and Kuchar stiffing El Tucan after his win at the Mayakoba Golf Classic last November.

On another note, who else thinks that Matt Kuchar and Kevin Kisner would have been nice to have in the Ryder Cup last year?

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