Golf Channel analysts all believe Sergio Garcia should be suspended

You’ve seen the video of Sergio Garcia’s bunker tantrum and can make your own judgement on how you feel about it, but consider that Garcia acted this way in a bunker a day prior to damaging five greens. His damage to the greens altered the putting surface for all where behind him. It is not only unbecoming of a major champion, but also of a professional golfer.

This has led many to say that Garcia needs some time away from the game to regain his composure and also to make a statement to the rest of the golf world that this type of behavior won’t be tolerated.

Garcia’s apology isn’t enough in my opinion. Yes, we know you’re sorry for your actions, however, your actions altered the putting surface and could have affected players behind you.

That is unacceptable and while European Tour Chief Keith Pelley has said that they have moved on and accepted Garcia’s apology, a fine and a suspension is warranted.

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