Fan gets tossed from Players for joke directed at Patrick Reed

It’s no secret that Patrick Reed cheated and was caught doing it. Reed’s swiping of the sand at the Hero World Challenge opened the door for fans to watch him more closely. Reed has also been caught pressing the rough behind his ball down with his club.

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All of this has not only put more eyes on him but made it easier for fans to make jokes at his expense and on Thursday at the Players, when the PGA Tour should have been solely focused on doing everything possible to protect its players and fans from the Coronavirus, one fan was thrown out for suggesting Reed sign his shovel.

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This is just a pathetic display from the Tour. This guy wasn’t yelling at Reed. He wasn’t cursing at Reed. He made this joke as Reed walked past and didn’t even do it loud enough to hear from far away, yet for some reason the Tour believed this guy deserved to be thrown out.

Do you think the PGA Tour was right in throwing this guy out?

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