A look at Brooks Koepka’s ESPN the Magazine body issue shoot

I’m just going to put this here with very minimal content and let you, the reader, form your own opinions.

We all know that Brooks Koepka lost some weight and muscle for the ESPN the Magazine body issue where athletes pose in the nude. Here are some of those pictures…

Ok, I lied and have to weigh in on this…

Brooks probably should have kept the muscle, but I guess since dad bods are in he wanted to appeal to the masses.

Hey, whatever Jena is into.

Author: Michael Shamburger

Michael is the founder and Editor in Chief of The Stiff Shaft. He is also the Senior Editor of Golfweek Custom Media and covers the World Long Drive for Golf Channel. He has 9+ years of covering golf, is an LSU fan, and prefers to hit driver-wedge as often as possible.