Edoardo Molinari posts list of players who have been put on the clock this season

Edoardo Molinari

Edoardo “Dodo” Molinari, who once had a now major winner – his brother – caddie for him at the Masters, sounded off on slow play over the weekend.

Molinari took to Twitter to not only complain about PGA and European Tour members who are slow, but call them out by posting the time sheet that has how many times they’ve been put on the clock and broken the “rule.”

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Molinari only posted the printout after getting 1,000 retweets.

Of course, Bryson is on the list, but so is Tiger Woods.

Molinari has joined a list that includes three-time major champion Brooks Koepka in complaining about guys who can’t seem to understand that 5.5 hours for a round is just too long.

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There are actually quite a few big names on the list, however, the majority haven’t actually been “penalized” for their slow play.

There has been no mention of whether Molinari will be fined for releasing the names, but it’s probably coming.

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