John Peterson tells ESPN radio host he is coming out of retirement

John Peterson

John Peterson retired last year at the age of 29 and decided on a life working in an office and playing golf as an amateur in order to spend more time with his wife, son, and have a second child.

However, life off of the golf course is much different and after seven months away, Peterson has decided that it’s time to attempt a return.

Peterson spoke with Matt Moscona on ESPN 1045 Baton Rougewhere your’s truly has appeared a few times – on Wednesday and surprised Moscona, who told me he initially asked Peterson on to discuss the Zurich Classic and Tiger, with his plans to return.

Peterson wisely deleted all of his social media accounts to avoid any negativity on his quest back.

“I have deleted all social media in last week or so, because of what might come of it, but I am returning to professional golf.”

And, as with most of us, Peterson was inspired by Tiger Woods’ comeback and win at the Masters.

“Sometimes you just got to take a step back to realize what you had. I was in an office for seven months, dark-to-dark basically. It was fine when I started. Paying the bills and everything was fine. But then the Masters came along and I’m watching this kid Patrick Cantlay, who in 2011 finished second to me in the National Championship when he was at UCLA, and he finished 9th in the Masters, and I beat him, and I beat him a lot. And I’m just like, man, that could be me. And then Tiger wins, and his story was just too inspiring honestly. I quit my job seriously the next day after the Masters.”

The road back to the PGA Tour won’t be a walk in the park. Peterson will have to Monday qualify until he’s able to go through Q-School.

“I spent two and a half, three years of my PGA Tour career not really giving it everything I had. With life and babies and everything that came with that, I wasn’t able to really concentrate 100 percent on golf, and now that we are done with our second kid, if I’m gonna do it, now is the time. So I made the decision about a week ago with my wife to quit my job and get back to pro golf full time. So it’s gonna be a long road back, but I’m ready for it and know I’m good enough to compete at the highest level.

“I’m taking a big risk,” Peterson said. “I don’t really have any place to play right now 100 percent, so I got to qualify and stuff. But I will get back, I know I will.”

Hopefully, this time around, Peterson takes things seriously. Anyone who knows the game knows that he is a very talented player – he finished T4 at the 2012 U.S. Open at Olympic Club – but that talent only goes so far without practice.