The 12th hole at Augusta stikes again as Molinari and Finau find the water

Francesco Molinari appeared to be cruising along with Tiger Woods and Tony Finau watching his every move.

Until they reached the 12th hole.

Molinari’s tee shot landed just short of the green and inevitably found the water.

Finau followed that with the exact same play.

Meanwhile, Tiger played to the center of the green and walked away looking like the smartest and most experienced man in the group – he is both.

This brought Molinari back to -11 after a double-bogey and into a tie with Tiger Woods and Xander Schauffele, who is not so quietly climbing up the leaderboard.

As the saying goes, the Masters doesn’t start until the back nine on Sunday and it just got interesting.

Author: Michael Shamburger

Michael is the founder and Editor in Chief of The Stiff Shaft. He spent 15 years covering golf for TheBigLead, Golfweek, and Golf Channel. Don't base your opinion on those of others. Do your research and form your own opinions.

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