John Peterson says he will consider playing Finals if the points are there

John Peterson

John Peterson’s career is all but over. He’s stated multiple times that if he doesn’t have enough FedExCup points to gain status for next season that he’s moving on at the age of 29.

Well, it’s sort-of over.

In an interview with Golf Channel, Peterson said that if the points he’s earned this season (only 6 events remain and he’s currently 184th) are enough to get him inside the top 200 in FedExCup points, he will consider playing the Finals because…WHY NOT?

“It’d be kind of stupid to not play those if you’re in them,” he said, “because if you get hot for a week, you’re back on the PGA Tour and I can play 20 events a year and shut it down.”

He’s not kidding. If he is able to earn his PGA Tour card for next season through the Finals, why wouldn’t he just do it and repeat the process until he either doesn’t earn enough points or decides to fully retire.

Peterson can play those 20 events and in between he can do his real estate stuff in Dallas/Fort Worth. He’s already been doing that, it’s just this season he felt a lot more pressure because his status was completely up in the air. Now that he’s made his peace with the outcome, he can either move on or continue to play professional golf for millions of dollars and you never know, he could pull off a win and then play whatever schedule he wants for a couple of years.

“If I did it, I’d play the most limited schedule,” he said. “I would do it just because I know I can still play. I may not like it as much as I used to, and I may not like the travel at all, but if I can still compete – which I proved to myself that I really can if I apply myself – then I’d stick it out for 20 events. That’s still more than half the year at home and to work on other projects. I’d be like Steve Stricker, only 20 years younger.”

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Peterson is going to have enough points to play in the Finals, and he’s still 100% ok with that.

“We’d be done,” he said. “And if it doesn’t go my way at Web Finals” – assuming he gets in at all – “then 100 percent, that’s it.”

Whatever happens, no one can make the guy’s decision for him, but there are plenty of other guys who apparently believe that he is way too good to not be playing on the PGA Tour.

Veterans from Charles Howell III to Sam Saunders to Kevin Na stopped him and told him, “Dude, you’re way too good to not be out here.”

And that’s definitely true.

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