U.S. Open Picks

The U.S. Open is finally here!! It might have felt like a million years since the last putt dropped at Augusta, but the best in the world are at Shinnecock this week for the year’s second major. Here is who we are taking this week.


In the leadup to the U.S. Open I was leaning towards taking Dustin Johnson as my pick. The way he hits the ball, he can make even the longest track a short course to him. He also knows how to handle tricked up USGA golf courses.

He won last week though and nobody has ever won the week before the U.S. Open and then gone on to win the Open, so he’s out.

That leaves me with two let’s just say less than scientific picks.

My first pick is Phil. While there really isn’t anything that needs to be said about this pick, I’ll lay out the facts anyway. First off, he needs a U.S. Open win to complete the career grand slam. Second, he’s had about as many close calls in the state of New York as one could have and the New York fans love him. It just seems fitting that he finally finishes off the career grand slam in the Hamptons,

My other pick is Rickie. For those that might have missed it, he got engaged this past weekend. Now that he’s got his house in order, and appears to be as happy as ever off the course, he can focus on finally getting that first major championship this week.

The Stiff Shaft

While I would love to see Rick get his first major championship win this week, I don’t think the course suits his game well enough. I also don’t think Phil wins this one at Shinnecock, but I would give him great odds at winning next year at Pebble.

I will be picking DJ. The man has been dominant in just about every statistical category tracked on Tour this season. He won last week, and while no one has ever won the week prior to the U.S. Open and then won the U.S. Open, if anyone can pull the blinders down over their eyes it’s this guy.

DJ is a beast on the course and has dealt with plenty of controversy at the U.S. Open in his career, including the year he won when the ball moved on the green and he was deemed to have caused it even though he didn’t and the stupid USGA penalized him 7 holes later for something he, and his playing partner Lee Westwood, both said didn’t happen.

DJ it is.

[Image via Dustin Johnson | Instagram]