Greens at Bellerive Look Rough Ahead of PGA Championship

For the majority of the golf world, they got to get their first look at Bellerive on Monday ahead of this week’s PGA Championship. Players, caddies, fans, and members of the media all got to see what’s in store for them this week at the season’s final major. What they were welcomed by was something to be desired, at least as far as the greens are concerned.

Now, for those that live in the Midwest, I don’t have to remind you that the summers can be quite brutal (I feel like as a Florida native I can relate). Bellerive is located in St. Louis.

That particular area has seen one of its most brutal summers in history. Both June and July finished in the top 5 highest recorded months in Missouri history. Those historically high temperatures coupled with lack of rain have left the greens at not just Bellerive, but surrounding courses, baked out and crusty in spots.

While the greens at Bellerive, some of the biggest in golf at over 10,000 square feet, have been in closed for most of the summer to try to get them in the best shape as possible, there are still many imperfections and even some dead spots.

I’m sure any issues with the greens come Thursday will be handled with the utmost professionalism and that none of the golfers will complain at all.