Bryson DeChambeau, currently on the Ryder Cup team, “I can be relatable and positive”

We’re all looking forward to the Ryder Cup this year, there’s no doubt about it, but what we may not be looking forward to is the man who currently occupies the 8th automatic qualifying spot being on the team.

That man is none other than Bryson DeChambeau.

Now, look, you may be wondering why I’ve got it out for the kid when he’s proven he can win on the PGA Tour.

I don’t hate him or anything, but I do dislike the way he brands himself as Mr. Golf Genius.

Speaking ahead of the John Deere Classic, Mr. Golf Genius went ahead and showed exactly why he believes he’s so special.

“That would be pretty fun to be a part of. I think I could help the team out quite a bit just with the way, the uniqueness that I bring to the table,” DeChambeau said. “I can maybe help people think in a different way that allows them to be more confident in whatever they do.”

So let me get this straight, DeChambeau believes that because his swing and approach to the game is so unique, it’s going to help his Ryder Cup teammates out? How? Is he going out there with a compass pre-round and making sure all of the cups are perfectly marked?

He continued:

“On a personal level I can be relatable and positive, and help people become more confident with what they’re doing through my technical aspects,” DeChambeau said. “Just in ways that can be very, very beneficial and positive to the team as a whole. That’s what I look forward to hopefully providing, considering I make the team this year.”

This guy is the most unrelatable person on the Tour. No one uses his single length irons and no one uses The Golf Machine as their instruction manual for how to make a “perfect swing.”

Enough is enough, guy. We get it, you’re smart, but if you’d learn to explain things more like Phil and be funny about it instead of trying to sound like Einstein maybe more of us would like you.

Now, do I want Bryson on the team?

I don’t think he’d be a bad fit, but there are at least 12 guys I can name off the top of my head that I’d definitely want before him.

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