Phil Mickelson Loses His Cool, Putts Moving Ball on 13


When it comes to Phil Mickelson, nothing he does on a golf course should ever really suprise us. After all, they don’t call him Phil “The Thrill” for nothing.

However, what we witnessed on Saturday at the U.S. Open, even for Phil.

For those that missed it, or just still can’t belive it and want to re-live it, Phil was sitting at 10-over for the tournament and putting for bogey on the 13th hole. His bogey putt didn’t even sniff the hole, moving well past the hole and possibly even going off the green. Then, this happened:


Yes, that is Phil Mickelson, PGA Tour pro, chasing after a moving ball on the green like a young child might and hitting it back towards the hole while it was still moving.

That move is clearly against the rules of golf, violating  Rule 14-5: Playing of a Moving Ball. Phil went on to make a 10 on the hole after getting hit with a 2 stroke penalty. The better question though was, what on earth was Phil thinking???