Stanley Cup Playoffs Coming To…Golf Channel??

Golf Channel

No, you didn’t read that wrong. There will be NHL playoff games being played on the Golf Channel.

On Sunday night, the NHL announced the broadcast schedule for the opening round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. At first glance, everything looks normal. Upon further review though, on the night of April 18, there is a name that hockey fans might not be too familair with under “network”:

Golf Channel

That’s right, both game 4 of the Tampa vs New Jersey and Anaheim vs San Jose series can be found on the Golf Channel.

As ESPN hockey writer Greg Wyshynski points out too, this might not just be a sheer coincidence:

NBC, you might remember, was not exactly thrilled when the NHL announced that they wouldn’t be sending over their players for this past Olympics.

Whether that’s the reasoning behind it or not, people tuning into the Golf Channel on that night of the 18th will be in for quite the supirse. Same could be said though for some hockey fans, who will now have to figure out if they have the Golf Channel and what channel it is.