Bud Light doesn’t care about Augusta ban on “Dilly, dilly,” issues 1,000 shirts for patrons

Augusta National Golf Club issued a sheet to security that had phrases that will get you escorted off of the premises if you yell them during the Masters, which we here at The Stiff Shaft are 100% in support of.

On that sheet was the popular Bud Light phrase, “Dilly, dilly.”


Well, Bud Light has fired back in a semi-creative way by stating that they would issue 1,000 shirts to patrons who will be on the grounds.

This is fine with us. If you want to look like, “that guy,” at the Masters, be our guest. Just don’t yell stupid stuff like “Dilly, dilly,” “Baba booey,” and “Mashed potatoes.”

It is utterly ridiculous.